10 Pictures That Show How the Gift of Travel Changed My Life

20 years ago I went on an adventure. I was 17 and had just graduated from High School. My Aunt Mary had started a tradition of traveling with her nieces and nephews as they hit certain life milestones. Since me and my cousins Joe and Betsy were all graduating, she decided to share her love […]

All-Inclusive, The Way To Go

It’s late October in Wisconsin, and as I look out my window the first snow of the year is coming down. The first snowfall is usually kind of exciting, you remember how beautiful the snow looks as it settles on lawns and trees, you think of the holidays getting closer, and the kids love it. […]

Save Time, Save Money, and Enjoy Vacation!

I’m always telling people that using a Travel Agent will save you time and money, especially because time is money! Our motto is “Relax, We’ve Got This!” and recently I asked a satisfied repeat client to put into his own words why he uses a Travel Agent. Here is his response. “From early on we […]

Giving the Gift of Travel

My son turned 10 in March. For his birthday he got the usual stuff. Toys, clothes, and games. All of them thoughtful, all of them played with and worn, and all of them eventually blended in with the rest of his stuff, waiting to be outgrown, broken, ultimately thrown out or given away. If you […]

Time For A Momcation?

We just finished celebrating the 2nd Mother’s Day during these crazy times of the pandemic. During this last year plus, everyone has struggled with the changes and restrictions that have been in place. More then ever people need to get out and travel and regain a sense of normalcy and adventure. At the top of […]