I’m always telling people that using a Travel Agent will save you time and money, especially because time is money! Our motto is “Relax, We’ve Got This!” and recently I asked a satisfied repeat client to put into his own words why he uses a Travel Agent. Here is his response.

“From early on we trusted our travel agent to put our family in places we would enjoy. Long before it became popular to have “experiences” together we were taking the kids on great trips. I gave the agent my travel dates, my budget, and some ideas on where we want to go. I understand that the internet has information about everything! I guess we could have gone on-line to look for special places to go. Who has time to do that…the right way!! We trusted our agent to put us on the best planes, to stay at the best hotels, and to handle all the logistics. We put in for vacation, packed our bags, and had a blast. Never did we have the nightmare of getting to a hotel and saying this place does not look like the pictures. Plain and simple anyone can make themselves or their product look good these days.

We have had people say to us they are getting these great deals on the internet. Not true. Have you heard the phrase, You get what you pay for? Travel agents get paid by the airlines and hotels. I would rather spend my time being productive at work or home than looking on line for something I have no idea about. We all have enough stress from our jobs and life in general. Do you really want that to extend to vacation..where you are supposed to be getting away from it?

Recently, we went to Italy. I don’t know about you, but I do not want to drive in a foreign country. Our agent had a driver waiting for us at the airport. He even had our name on a sign!! They took us everywhere we wanted to go. The cars were nice, they spoke good English, and were punctual. We were able to enjoy every minute. They set up wine tastings and cooking classes. We will remember this for a lifetime. Could this have happened by using the internet?? Maybe, but I don’t want to be 5,000 miles from home and have to be searching for things in a foreign language.

Do yourself and your family a favor. As Aaron Rodgers said..R-E-L-A-X!! Talk to Pete at Midwest Travel Club and let him build your “experience”!!”